Friday, 18 October 2019

Internal Employer Branding

First take care of the people you already have

If the Employer Branding in Poland is treated with neglect, the inner EB basically does not exist, at least not as conscious efforts to build the image among employees.

1. Good, skilled and creative employees are the source of success. Specialist in the company means fast and reliable solutions, is laying out pathways and to delegate responsibility, but ... good specialist wants to not only earn good money, he wants to identify with your company wants to be aware that it is appreciated and understood.


2. Employees are the best ambassadors of the brand. If your employees see that what you offer is good if you feel valued and feel they are doing something that is good quality, they will talk about it to their families and friends, and they repeat this information on - thereby gain a bunch convinced their services or products customers. Disgruntled employee never says anything good about the products and a service your company is that you pay it does not mean that you bought his private life and opinion.


3. An employee who leaves if he has a good opinion of the employer, bear it out into the world and communicate to others who might like to have a career in your company, if it is bad - effectively scare off potential lawyers.