Tuesday, 22 October 2019

External Employer Branding

Secondly, the image of a good employer builds on the basis

External Employer Branding is aimed essentially at two professional groups: students and professionals with experience. Actions taken in relation to these two groups need to be a bit different.

Get the specialists

Specialists with an established position in the market, very often have to be job-hunting fishing expeditions by other companies. These are people who do not go over the recruitment process if the company does not offer them interesting conditions, and do not take it into account if it had the reputation of unfriendly employees. Interesting recruitment projects and a well-designed campaign EB can induce them to change their place of work.

Convince students to yourself


Students are also a group in which excel employer. If you want to pick out the best among them you should engage with career offices at universities, with local organizations and media and participate in the Job-Fair, which will allow us to create the image of this group. The added value here is also the fact that if we build a good image among inexperienced students will be easier for us to win them in a few years when they are already experts in their industry.