Friday, 18 October 2019

Viral marketing


Viral marketing or creating rumors

That is the deepest essence of viral marketing - creating rumors, which information passed from one person to another. Viral is an extremely effective form of marketing, which performed good is three times more effective than any traditional tool of PR, but ...

Rumors cannot be controlled

The biggest minus of viral marketing is that once embedded in the Internet begins to live his own life, and we no longer have the ability to control which direction will develop further transmission.

Viral is cheap

Viral marketing is a very cheap form of advertising and image building, allowing you to reach a wide audience without the traditional media, to the cluster to which the rumor gets be more extensively than 'ordinary' marketing efforts.

A virus is a difficult form


Viral marketing is a cheap form, but difficult in execution. Viral In order to be effective, that Internet users want to pass it on to continue to be interesting, intriguing, or funny. Today, audiences are bombarded with this type of transfers, not just marketing, and therefore must have of viral effect "wow" otherwise is doomed to failure.