Friday, 18 October 2019

The image on the Web

Building an image on the Internet - basic principles


Why e-PR is as important?

Very often, customers and partners evaluate the credibility of the company, the information on it available on the network. On this basis, they form their opinion and evaluate the business potential of the company. If the information you find on the Internet is outdated, there are few or are irrelevant to them, then the company does not raise their confidence and does not constitute an attractive business partner.

The errors of beginners


A common mistake is that companies start building their image of banner campaigns or campaigns sponsored links, while their facilities not exist or displays the level of a few decades ago. To successfully build a brand on the web should begin with facilities, or web page.




Website: Knowledge, Appearance, Reliability

Starting with the construction of the image on the network at the beginning to take care of the website, here are some principles that it is necessary to stick to creating such a website:

* Page must look modern and have mobile versions

* Website must be optimized for the search engines to facilitate its positioning

* Page must be legible, clear and easy to navigate

* Cancellation must contain interesting content, information on the activities of the company, it should tell the story of the company, refer to the mission, vision and goals. It must show the achievements and potential of the business.

* Cannot be blank pages, all tabs must be filled

* Text must be accompanied by numerous photographs (many - of course within reason), subsidiaries of video and other forms of visualization offer, competence and business.


When we have a web-page we can start working towards e-PR, but we will tell in the next part.