Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying - Personalize your message

Programmatic buying is considered one of the most effective forms of advertising in the United States of America PB spending account for 25% of total expenditure e-advertising, in Poland 10%. This form of marketing significantly increases conversion rates and click-through banners advertising is twice as high. All this is possible, of course, thanks to personalized advertising.





Basic principles of Programmatic buying:


  1. A well-constructed Programmatic based on detailed databases about customers and their behavior on the Internet. Specialists from the industry undergo a detailed analysis of the data series, which from their point of view correspond to products or brands that want to promote. In other words, they choose thus potentially most interested in their product consumers.

  2. The use of RTB. RTB or automated purchase ads in real time, which allows you to reach some of the advertising to interested groups and the auction of others at the time.

  3. The Internet is important, but do not forget about Smartphone. The market of mobile advertising from year to year is getting bigger and more effective Programmatic buying is a form adapted to this new branch of marketing.