Friday, 18 October 2019

PR Crisis


The crisis - how not to destroy your image


The crisis is a natural part of the business of any company, sooner or later, to a smaller or larger scale - must appear. The first step in PR crisis is the realization that the fight against the crisis must be taken long before the appearance of the first symptoms, every PR specialist, should have prepared action plan in case of emergency.





When you it comes to the crisis based on a calm analysis of the situation. Do not rashly contact the media or in panic deny the allegations. You should carefully investigate the source of the crisis, its course and consequences. We must also consider all the potential scenarios of the course, based on previously prepared plan.

If the situation requires it, and the crisis created by the fault of the company, it should admit it and do everything to fix situations or atone its consequences.


The rule to remember is to designate a single person to contact with the media, it can‘t be that express themselves in the media different people. It must be one perfectly moving on all issues of the crisis and prepared for uncomfortable questions from journalists.