Wednesday, 29 January 2020

About us

If you're starving the latest knowledge in the field of marketing, if you looking for a network in search of news industry or you are an entrepreneur, who wonders what marketing solutions could be best for him –it is the right place! On the website covers all issues related to modern marketing activities.

We serve theory in a pill; therefore you will find with us the basics of Marketing Mix and Employer Branding and show alternative ways of doing marketing activities such as viral marketing or Programmatic buying.

We believe that a person learns the best by examples "real life" because a lot of space will devote a case study on interesting campaigns of the country and the world and the creative applications of the theory of marketing. We will also show how marketing is better not to practice; we will indicate the most common mistakes and show you how to turn them into success.


From the time to time, you can also expect to dose statistics showing the consumer behavior and reactions of consumers to various media reports, our website. The influence of the media and their role in shaping consumer trends also from time to time we will deal with it.


One of the basic principles of modern marketing communication is an easy, individual contact with clients - using this principle in practice, we encourage you to contact us, anyone who wishes to ask a question, read the article on a topic that interests him or place your advertisement on the site. We are waiting for messages at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.